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Pivotel Advantage

Wherever and however you need to stay connected, Pivotel has a communications solution to meet your critical remote communications needs. Pivotel is the most connected mobile satellite network.


More Capable

Pivotel is one of four licensed mobile carriers in Australia, and the only mobile carrier focussed on mobile satellite services. Pivotel provides carrier grade network services so you know that your satellite services are reliable and secure. As a licensed carrier Pivotel is fully compliant with all Australian regulatory obligations.


More Connected

To provide users with high quality and reliable mobile satellite services, Pivotel has invested in protected direct interconnection with all of the major mobile satellite networks, meaning consistent mobile satellite services with lower latency, higher voice quality and flexible data connectivity options.


More Value

Pivotel’s satellite ground network and status as a licenced mobile carrier allows us to provide you with unique service benefits like standard local +1 or Australian ‘04’ mobile numbers on satellite phone services, free test call services and cost control tools, including usage alerts and restricted dialling lists.


More Support

Our Australian network of more 160 dealers nationwide, provides friendly, knowledgeable sales and service, backed by our team of experienced, Australian based, satellite only customer care agents who provide an unmatched customer service experience.


We think mobile satellite solutions should be simple and cost eff ective, so we put together a number of benefits that you won't find anywhere else, we call it the Pivotel Advantage. With Pivotel you know you're mobile everywhere®.


Standard US Phone Numbers

Pivotel  plans use standard US +1 geographic numbers, not international satellite phone numbers that are harder to remember, harder to use and more expensive to call. Pivotel's geographic numbers are based on your home/business address.


Save Your Local Number When You’re Not Using It

Save Your Local Number at any time for $5/month up to 6-months within a 12-month period. The service term will be extended by any period of save your local number. $5/month when saving your local number. Use your phone seasonally but keep the same number.


Callers To You Pay Only Standard US Domestic Call Rates

Often calls to a Pivotel satellite phone service are at no cost from within your fixed or mobile carrier’s unlimited plan. This compares with the cost to call satellite numbers (the numbers provided by other satellite companies) which can be up to $11.49 per minute to call. 


No Call Restrictions When Calling A GMN Satellite Phone Service From A PBX Or Restricted Line

Calls can be made to a Pivotel satellite service from a PBX or carrier line with international calling restrictions when international satellite numbers would normally be blocked.


One Solution, Choice Of Satellite Technology

With Pivotel you get one network service but have multiple satellite technology options, providing more choices for a satellite phone fleet that meets your needs.


Make Calls Within Mixed Technology Fleets At Standard Rates

Calls between Pivotel services connected on different satellite technologies are always charged at the standard call rates according to your plan, meaning you don’t need to worry about high calling costs between satellite technologies.


Free Calls To Customer Care

Call our friendly US based Customer Care Team on +1-865-379-8723 from your satellite phone free of charge.


Free Test Call Service

Test your satellite phone by calling our free test call service on +1-302-260-TEST, the test call service gives you peace of mind knowing your service is working.


Progressive Usage Alerts

Control your costs with free email and satellite SMS alert notifications when you exceed usage thresholds based on your plan’s included call value.


VPN Connectivity Solutions

Secure VPN options to connect satellite data directly to your corporate network.