RedPort Glow 400 Minutes with 6 Month Validity

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RedPort Glow 400 Minutes with 6 Month Validity Plan Details

Standard Prepaid Voucher Unit(s) Cost
RedPort Glow 400 Minutes with 6 Month Validity 12,000 $631.00
Standard Prepaid Usage Costs Unit Measurement Unit Cost
Voice - Iridium to Fixed/Cellular Per Minute 60 Units
Voice - Iridium to Iridium/Voicemail Per Minute 30 Units
Voice - Iridium to Other Satellite Network Per Minute 540 Units
2-Stage Dialing Per Minute 60 Units
Iridium Data Per Minute 60 Units
Prepaid Balance Query (2888) Per Minute/Per Message No Charge
SMS (Short Msg Service) Per Message 6 Units

2-Stage Dialing is a cost-cutting way of calling to an Iridium phone, from a landline or mobile. Please see our 2-stage dialing instructions for more information about this process.

Pivotel Iridium Prepaid Airtime Services

<p>Pivotel&nbsp;Iridium prepaid services offer our customers&nbsp;a global yet cost-effective satellite&nbsp;communications&nbsp;service. Prepaid services remove recurring monthly bills and service fees and allow budget-minded customers simple upfront&nbsp;billing.</p> <h3>Compatible Iridium&nbsp;Devices Off ered by Pivotel</h3> <ul> <li><a href="">RedPort Glow</a></li> </ul>

Terms & Conditions

<ol> <li>Maximum validity is 24 months.</li> <li>Validity expressed in months actually represents the following number of days validity; 1 month is 30 days, 6 months is 183 days, 12 months is 365 days, 24 months is 730 days.</li> <li>Minutes will expire 3 years from the day the voucher is applied.</li> <li>When a SIM card runs out of validity it goes into an expired state. All remaining units are lost. There is a 270 day grace period in which to add a new voucher before the SIM card becomes deactivated.</li> <li>All prices are in USD dollars and exclude tax.</li> <li>Pivotel America Inc. reserves the right to alter pricing at any time.</li> <li>Services using GO! vouchers can convert to using geo-restricted or non-rechargeable prepaid vouchers by forfeiting all remaining call credit.</li> </ol>
More Information
Brand Pivotel
Network Iridium
Global Rescue No
Pulsar No