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Satellite With Certainty

Stay connected and in control with iO's suite of data and network management tools. With iO you can save money and reduce operating costs without compromising satellite connectivity.

Satellite with Certainty

Stay connected and in control with iO's suite of data and network management tools. With iO you can save money and reduce operating costs without compromising satellite connectivity.

All the Networks

Your hybrid network works as one

Combine multiple services into a single local network using Starlink, Inmarsat, Iridium, VSAT and cellular services.

All the Control

Get visibility, access and control via a single pane of glass

View and manage all your services and devices from iO Connect on any computer, tablet or phone.

All Over The World

Designed for mobility on land, sea and air

Access your global networks, well, globally.

All the Time

24/7 support from satellite specialists

Get real-time support from satellite experts with offices around the world.

How does iO work?

Discover the power of streamlined data connectivity management with iO, a cutting-edge data & network management system that effortlessly controls satellite connectivity across multiple LAN & WAN networks. Maintain seamless connectivity and control usage from any location, with the iO Portal and iO App. Pulsar iO is the world's first secure access service edge (SASE) solution designed specifically for hybrid satellite networks.
With iO's enhanced suite of products:
Connect & manage with the iO Pro or iO Pro Max hardware boxes
Boost connectivity with the iO 5G Antenna
Control & analyse with the iO Connect Portal & App software

iO Pro
Smart Box

Comprehensive data management and security system with multiple WAN & LAN sources

iO Pro Max
Smart Box

Full-featured server that integrates numerous vessel connectivity systems within a single platform

iO 5G Antenna
Smart Box + Antenna

Powerful 5G antenna combined with a cellular router, providing ultimate off-grid connectivity

iO Connect Portal
Cloud Portal

Platform running iO’s entire suite of management services, with analytics and data control tools

Why use iO?

Why use iO?

✔ Safety and reliability

The ability to fall back onto a different hybrid satellite network is of paramount importance, particularly when it comes to ensuring safety and reliability in critical operations. Operating in remote and challenging environments, continuous connectivity ensures safety, productivity, and efficient response to emergencies. A hybrid satellite network offers a lifeline, regardless of terrestrial infrastructure limitations. In the case of emergencies, such as severe weather events or equipment malfunctions, the ability to fall back onto a different satellite network becomes critical for timely response and ensuring the well-being of workers and assets.

✔ Enterprise-grade security

iO establishes a robust enterprise-grade security framework that ensures the utmost protection for data and communication channels. The integration of a state-of-the-art firewall and advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology enables real-time analysis of data packets, identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities. Stringent traffic policies are enforced, allowing administrators to control and manage data flows effectively, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches. To further fortify connections, the platform offers Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities, encrypting data transmissions and securing remote access. The combined power of DPI and cloud-based content filtering adds an extra layer of security by actively blocking malicious content and websites, bolstering overall internet security.

✔ Save money and reduce costs

Say goodbye to overspending on expensive data plans. iO helps you save money by efficiently managing your data usage, mitigating the risk of overuse and excessive spending. Achieve enhanced cost-efficiency and reduced operational costs, without compromising connectivity. The integration of the iO Connect Portal allows users to analyze, control, and manage data usage comprehensively with visual reports. One-click management and service updates provide insights into consumption patterns, enabling informed decision-making to reduce wastage and optimize resource allocation.

Single pane of glass

Easy to manage and intuitive interface

The iO Portal and iO App revolutionizes how users interact with satellite data usage on hybrid networks. Through intuitive charts and graphs, iO users can easily analyze their data consumption patterns, identifying trends, peak usage periods, and potential areas for optimization.

The user-friendly interface of the iO Portal and App simplifies the data management process and allows users to remotely access, monitor and manage their service from anywhere.

Your Hybrid Networks work as one

Ultimate connectivity, indispensable safety

By utilizing a hybrid satellite network, businesses that often operate in remote and challenging environments (where traditional communication infrastructures might be limited or unavailable) can establish a robust communication link that seamlessly switches between different satellite providers when needed. This ensures that crucial messages, weather updates, and emergency signals reach their destination promptly, mitigating potential risks and enhancing safety on land and sea.

The iO system also easily integrates with existing communications set ups, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting established workflows.

Compatible Networks



iO Comparison

Network without iO

Network WITH iO

Starlink High Performance or Flat High-Performance Terminal

Requires use of Starlink Router

High reliability enterprise grade rack or desktop network router optimized for harsh environments

Requires use of additional Starlink Ethernet Adapter for Non-Pulsar iO Networking Equipment

Access to Starlink App

Supports up 7x WAN sources, 1x LAN interface, 500 Clients, and 30 VLAN Networks

Support for hybrid satellite and cellular network management

Supports secondary, backup, and redundant Network capabilities

Commercial and Enterprise Access point network ready

Device level alerts to prevent data misuse and control costs

Access to satellite optimized voice over IP (VoIP) and email services

Support for scalable deployments, allowing for the seamless addition of more sites, users, and end point nodes.

Network without iO

Network WITH iO

Web based trouble ticket system

Real-time 24/7 global customer support and troubleshooting via phone, email, web, and mobile app

Direct access to global network of installers and technical support experts

Real time charts of Starlink network performance including uplink and downlink throughput, latency, ping drop rate, and signal quality

Remote centralized local network management via a web portal and apps, over the connected devices, enabling efficient monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting

Remote management of software and firmware updates to maintain reliability and performance

Full visibility and management of network infrastructure, configuration, bandwidth monitoring, and end point node management

Network without iO

Network WITH iO

Role based user administration, access, and management

Hierarchical advanced network organization, site, user, and role-based access privileges

Administrative access and management control of multiple remote sites and nodes in a unified mobile app and web portal

Create temporary users for third party technical installation and onsite service provisioning

Network without iO

Network WITH iO

Integration with other satellite or cellular networks for prioritization of routing data based on traffic policies

Optimization of network traffic, prioritizing critical applications and ensuring efficient utilization of available bandwidth, resulting in improved performance and reduced latency

Traffic network bonding capabilities to increase bandwidth on hybrid networks of similar latencies

Performance enhanced proxy used to improve Starlink best efforts network performance and reduce packet loss

Global asset position map with historic connectivity data information for multiple data sources, performance, and speed

Network without iO

Network WITH iO

Security with advanced Firewall, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for traffic analysis and blocking rules, and Quality of Service (QoS)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities for secure end to end traffic management

Enhanced firewall and content filter capabilities using deep packet inspection to protect against malware, adult content, and other cyber threats


Take charge of your critical assets in remote and offshore locations by leveraging our robust connectivity solutions. Achieve real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and improved asset utilization, enhancing worker safety, reducing downtime, and mitigating environmental risks. Drive productivity and profitability by embracing Pulsar iO today.


Set sail towards efficiency and reliability with Pulsar iO for commercial maritime. Gain the critical advantage of real-time tracking, ensuring the security and visibility of your shipments across global routes. Optimize routes, streamline port operations, and enhance crew communication with our advanced satellite connectivity solutions.


Elevate your municipal services to new heights with Pulsar iO for rural areas and emergency situations. Gain an invaluable lifeline of communication, even in the most remote locations, ensuring your community stays connected when it matters most. Leverage real-time data transmission for disaster response, monitoring critical infrastructure, and enhancing public safety.

Business Continuity

Secure your business operations with Pulsar iO, the ultimate solution for unwavering business continuity. Ensure seamless communication and data transmission, regardless of geographical constraints or network disruptions. By embracing iO, you guarantee uninterrupted access to critical resources, remote asset management, and real-time monitoring. Safeguard your business against downtime, maintain supply chain visibility, and stay ahead of disruptions.

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